Pukka are a young, dynamic and energetic company always looking for innovative ways of producing theatre.

We aim to provide, and give access to, a comprehensive range of theatre based and related activities to all sections of the community, schools and colleges. Believing firmly that Theatre plays a vital role in contributing to the personal, social and educational development as well as the creative development of all who experience and participate. Thus enhancing the quality of life of each participant, group and / or community.

Pukka has brought contemporary productions of Shakespeare, exciting, stimulating and challenging, to students across South Wales since 1992. As well as set text productions we have developed a number of Forum Theatre Projects. Providing schools with a new approach to PSE, Community Groups & Organisations, Voluntary & Professional Bodies with a powerful tool thus enabling change.

We are committed to exploring new and innovative ways of producing Theatre that is rich and alive, entertaining and informative, relevant and educational, challenging and accessible, while engaging the audience to participate.