Professional Young People’s Theatre

Here are some facts from the Pukka Fact File …..

  • Pukka Theatre Company is a professional theatre for young people.
  • Pukka Theatre Company was formed to enhance our theatre in education commitments and also to provide opportunities for our members to work within the profession.
  • Pukka Theatre Company evolved naturally from the need to expand LYT, which includes Professional actors working alongside our members.
  • Many years of providing curriculum and set text projects.
  • More than 60 schools & colleges regularly supporting our productions.
  • Over 20,000 young people have experienced Pukka Production.
  • Schools have travelled for up to 2 hours across Wales (from Aberystwyth, St. David’s & Cardiff)
  • Bringing Professionals to work alongside young people.
  • Workshops and follow-up projects are provided.
  • Outreach & Communities First Projects.
  • Training Programmes Offered.
  • Strong Community Links.
  • Forum Theatre established (2000) to tackle Community Issues, PSE & Social Problems.
  • Over 5,000 participants in Forum Theatre, Social and Community Projects since 2000
  • Forum Theatre Partnership with Youth Services, Welsh Association of Youth Clubs, Voluntary and Professional agencies throughout Carmarthenshire.
  • Forum Theatre Communities First Projects.
  • Communities First Project, community youth arts project: Tin Can Elli at the Selwyn Samuel Centre