Our aims and objectives are…

  • To provide opportunities for young people, in and around Llanelli, to train, experience and learn about all aspects of drama and the theatre.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to use theatre to make sense of the world and as an enabling tool to develop their imagination, appreciation and understanding of Art in its whole concept.
  • To explore and develop a range of theatre forms and language that will engender critical, analytical and expressive skills and which will develop their understanding of the theatre process and experience.
  • To develop artistic appreciation and encourage the integration of the Arts into the lives of young people, to enable them to ‘make meaning’ for themselves.
  • To provide through theatre productions and workshops, a stimulating environment in which to explore and express the personal, social and political diversities of different cultures
  • To encourage through theatre productions and workshops, the recognition and celebration of difference, as well as challenging stereotypes, based on gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation, physical or intellectual ‘ability’.
  • To enable and empower young people to develop their own agendas and determine their future direction, identity and development of their Youth Theatre.
  • To offer opportunities and activities through the medium of drama to a diverse section of young people whose experience does not yet extend to theatre, with easy and affordable access and content of work.
  • To provide a forum for young people to share their skills and experience with other groups of young people, to have fun and make friends