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The success of any project is dependent on very hard work, commitment and dedication. Individual talent, enthusiasm and ideas are vital to projects such as ours. However, without finance and support, our project will remain a good idea only. Contributions from the community are vital.

Ways In Which You Can Help Supporting Cast Benefits Level Of Support

Outlined below are ways in which you can help as an individual, a business, a group or an organisation.

  • Production Sponsorship
  • Programme Advertising
  • School Tour Sponsorship
  • Youth Theatre Sponsorship
  • Supporting Cast
  • Donations

By supporting Llanelli Youth Theatre, you will be making a direct contribution to the range and quality of our productions and the nurturing of young talent.

There are many benefits of being a supporting cast member of Llanelli Youth Theatre. These include.....

  • Advanced Information
  • Priority Booking
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Invitations To Special Events
  • Credit In Programme

There are six different levels of being part of Llanelli Youth Theatre's Supporting Cast. 

The table below sumarises these levels.....

Friend £20
Fellow £50
Patron £100
Associate £500
Benefactor £1,000
Life Benefactor £10,000