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Professional Young People’s Theatre

Here are some facts from the Pukka Fact File .....

    Pukka Theatre Company is a professional theatre for young people.
    Pukka Theatre Company was formed to enhance our theatre in education commitments and also to provide opportunities for our members to work within the profession.
    Pukka Theatre Company evolved naturally from the need to expand LYT, which includes Professional actors working alongside our members.
    Many years of providing curriculum and set text projects.
    More than 60 schools & colleges regularly supporting our productions.
    Over 20,000 young people have experienced Pukka Production.
    Schools have travelled for up to 2 hours across Wales (from Aberystwyth, St. David’s & Cardiff)
    Bringing Professionals to work alongside young people.
    Workshops and follow-up projects are provided.
    Outreach & Communities First Projects.
    Training Programmes Offered.
    Strong Community Links.
    Forum Theatre established (2000) to tackle Community Issues, PSE & Social Problems.
    Over 5,000 participants in Forum Theatre, Social and Community Projects since 2000
    Forum Theatre Partnership with Youth Services, Welsh Association of Youth Clubs, Voluntary and Professional agencies throughout Carmarthenshire.
    Forum Theatre Communities First Projects.
    Communities First Project, community youth arts project: Tin Can Elli at the Selwyn Samuel Centre