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To provide educational opportunities and facilities and to encourage participation by young people in all aspects of the performing arts in Llanelli

The Performing Arts and Our Task

    To create opportunities to participate in the Performing Arts.
    To give priority throughout the Performing Arts to work involving young people.
    To have a commitment to educational, commercial, classical and original theatre with a clear contemporary impact.
    To be a provider of services, using theatre skills and drama workshops, throughout the county.
    To devise an annual education programme.
    To develop an annual artistic programme.
    To ensure that all work produced is professional in standard and of a high quality.
    To liase with schools, colleges, the community as well as local and regional organisations to promote our work.
    To work in partnership with other professional or voluntary bodies whose ideals are similar or sympathetic with our own.
    To organise a programme of workshops and special community events.
    To develop links with local film, theatre, television and video companies.
    To explore issues without ideological bludgeoning or pretentiousness.
    To reach as wide an audience as possible.
    To provide training programmes for volunteers, youth council and management committee.